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自2019年7月起,ABAR STUDIO 是吧建筑与设计工作室将作为Roca Beijing Gallery(乐家北京艺术廊)的特邀活动及品牌咨询顾问, 为该艺廊在京主办的建筑, 设计, 创新和可持续发展等议题相关的活动注入新的活力。

ABAR STUDIO has been invited as the special branding and events consultant of Roca Beijing Gallery since July 2019, to bring new vitality into Roca Beijing Gallery through events relating to topics on architecture, design, innovation and sustainability.

ABAR STUDIO 是吧建筑与设计工作室希望借此合作, 与Roca Beijing Gallery(乐家北京艺术廊)一同, 自下而上的推进京区建筑, 设计, 艺术, 科技领域之间的沟通与交流,促进以Roca Beijing Gallery为中心的在地建筑与设计领域相关人才的聚集与共进。以此寻觅有趣灵魂, 激发有氧思想。

Together with Roca Beijing Gallery, ABAR STUDIO plans to promote the communication and exchanges between fields of architecture, design, art, science and technology from a bottom-top manner, so as to generate a hub of gathering and stimulating the community of local talents relating to architecture and design at Roca Beijing Gallery, to connect with inspiring souls and ideas.

上图 –  Roca Beijing Gallery外景图. 该艺廊位于北京市东城区东直门外大街46号天恒大厦A座1层, 项目设计方:MAD建筑事务所. 图片由Roca Beijing Gallery提供. Image above – Street view of Roca Beijing Gallery. It is located on the ground floor of Tower A, Tian Heng Building, No.46 Dongzhimenwai Avenue, Dongcheng District,Beijing. Project designed by: MAD architects. Images above by courtesy of Roca Beijing Gallery.

上图 –  Roca Beijing Gallery与AIA共同主办的”建筑与艺术“夜场论坛活动外景图. 图片由Roca Beijing Gallery提供.  Image above – Street view of  a night event on “between art and architecture”, hosted by Roca Beijing Gallery x AIA. Images above by courtesy of Roca Beijing Gallery.

上图 –  现实与虚拟之间, Roca Beijing Gallery曾展出的影像装置现场外景. 摄影: Action Media. Image above – Between real and virtual,  Street view of the video installation at Roca Beijing Gallery. Photo by Action Media. 

  • 关于乐家艺术廊 About Roca Galleries

Roca艺术廊旨在关注建筑、设计、创新和可持续发展相关议题, 提供一个开放性对话与多学科交流的平台, 并在巴塞罗那、马德里、里斯本、伦敦、上海、北京、圣保罗7大城市打造独特的艺廊空间, 用于举办各类高质量的文化活动。

Roca Galleries are international platforms at the service of design and architecture industry. Roca Galleries organize weekly events, workshops and exhibitions about architecture, design, sustainability and innovation. The aim is to offer an open space for debate, to allow professionals to learn and share their knowledge. There are currently 7 Roca Galleries in the cities around the world, including Barcelona, Madrid, London, Lisbon, Shanghai, Beijing and São Paulo.

Roca艺术廊不仅以其独有的全球网络与智库大力支持在地建筑与设计领域新兴人才的交流与共进,更是诚邀当地最具影响力或创想的建筑师亲自为其艺廊空间操刀设计。Roca艺术廊过去曾合作的著名建筑师包括: Zaha Hadid, London; Charles Ferrater, Barcelona; Carlos Lamela, Madrid; MAD Architects, Beijing, etc.

Roca Galleries not only support the communication and development of new talents in and from design and architecture industry with their unique global network and think-tank, but also invite the most influential and creative architects from local to design the space of Roca Art Galleries. Famous architects that Roca Galleries have been collaborated within the past include: Zaha Hadid, London; Charles Ferrater, Barcelona; Carlos Lamela, Madrid; MAD Architects, Beijing, etc.

上图 – ABAR STUDIO 是吧建筑与设计工作室主创建筑师, 创意总监苏夏出席Roca Beijing Gallery往期活动现场. 图片由Roca Beijing Gallery提供. Image Above – Xia Su, Lead Architect and creative director of ABAR attends previous event at Roca Beijing Gallery.

未来, ABAR STUDIO是吧建筑与设计工作室将继续以其独有的空间设计, 材料(产品)研发与艺术介入视角, 自下而上的推进城市空间设计服务, 研发与创新。并为不同类别城市空间的运营提供多样可能与个性化发展策略,  积极促进城市空间的有机迭进与可持续发展。

In the future, ABAR STUDIO will continue to develop high quality urban space design services, R&D and innovation with its unique view intergrating space design with materiality and artistic intervention. Meanwhile it will provide a variety of possibilities and customized strategies for space operation and development within urban scenarios, to be actively involved in the city evolution and sustainable development of urban space.

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