是吧建筑与设计工作室创立于北京。在实现跨建筑,工程,艺术和产品设计等领域的创新项目上追求卓越。 该工作室专注于建筑,装置,展览及产品的实践和设计研究,不仅生产制作,更提供发展的策略。 ABAR拥有综合运用领先技术于设计实践的创新能力,为每位客户提供基于跨学科协作下变化场景的沉浸式体验,自然与人工的过渡

ABAR Studio is a Beijing-based architecture and design practice with a growing reputation for realizing innovative projects that span the disciplines of architecture, engineering, art, and product design. Specializing in architecture and design for buildings, installations, exhibitions and products, the studio produces not only work of making, but strategy of approaching. Embedded with advanced skill of utilizing cutting edge technologies, ABAR provides every client an immersed experience of a potential variation out of the interdisciplinary collaboration, a transition from nature to artificial.


What We Do

是吧的设计研究兴趣为基于自然生成形态系统与人工制造创新的互容过程(CMGP:Context – Material – Geometry – Performance)及这一过程在当代建筑语境下应用的可能。采集不同种类生活素材与场景,并将其介入当代建筑语境下以材料系统为研究基础的材能与空间实验。并不断完善基于BIM平台从概念到扩初设计阶段跨学科协作与可持续设计介入的方式与策略,朝向可持续人居的未来。

The lab inside ABAR Studio conducts design and research with interests in the transition from natural system to artificial innovation, and how the transitional process CMGP, referring to context, material, geometry and performance, can be applied in contemporary architectural praxis. Wide range of living Information and scenarios are collected through systematic experiments and workshops exploring potentials of material and space in the theme of contemporary architecture. The lab continues to work on methodologies and design strategy of integrating interdisciplinary collaboration and sustainable design into studio’s workflow on BIM platform, works towards a future of sustainable living.

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Aim & Approach

是吧以自下而上的方式推进城市空间设计服务, 研发与创新。建筑新的生活方式, 联系人造与自然。

ABAR pushes forwards the development and evolution of cityscape design services, researches and innovations in bottom-up manners. Build a new way of living, connecting human and nature.